“A good idea doesn’t come when you’re doing a million things. The good idea comes in the moment of rest. It is when your mind is on the other side of things”

Lin Manuel Miranda



Rest is the necessary opposite partner to stress. Rest shouldn’t be apathetic or slovenly it should be a conscious and strategic activity to prepare the space for growth. It is the essential component to recovering tired muscles, giving them the time and nourishment to grow stronger.

During periods of rest you bypass the linear logical brain and allow your subconscious mind to awaken – where the most profound new ideas stem from. In periods of stillness and silence you are better able to hear your souls deepest desires and designs for your life – you are giving yourself the time to establish strong roots so that you might be better prepared for growth.

What stops us from resting well?

Ultimately it is the aversion to being still, silent and present within ourselves.

Either the shadow of our past is still too dark so we resist being still for fear our ghosts popping up in the dark.

Or the future seems so much more bright than our present so we are desperate to rush ahead towards the light.

To foster a healthy relationship with rest we offer practices and guidance to help you become free from your shadows and find peace with the present.