“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.”

Pablo Picasso



There is always more opportunity to evolve, but only if we are prepared to shed our old skin. Our physical bodies are constantly shedding cells to make space for new ones. We must learn to do this with our psyche. And if we can learn to soften our grip of old habits and destructive ideas with conscious, non-judgmental awareness we have the gift of continual rebirth and renewal. shedding can be an uncomfortable process as we grieve the things we have become attached to.

If Spring is pleasure, Autumn holds our pain. This is shadow work and it can be scary but Jung knew that our greatest power rested in the dark. We must learn how to hold this pain lightly, trusting it is part of the cycle of creative growth and realisation. When a tree is stripped of its leaves it looks naked and vulnerable, but it trusts that what it has shed will enrich the soil to nourish its roots and help it grow bigger and brighter.

What stops us from letting go?

Fear of losing our identity.

Our culture is founded on the economic principle that we can perpetually grow and acquire so we grasp and cling to the things that we have created, that we believe informs our identity.

Or the fear of facing our shadow creates a desire to fall asleep and become unconscious but this simply leads to a state of insomnia – desperate to rest but unable to sleep for fear of our ghosts.

To foster a healthy relationship with the release we offer practices and guidance to help you uncover your shadow with trust, comfort, and ease so that you might be able to move past your old limitations and open up new dreams.