The Way Of The Seasons

A series of podcasts on what we can learn from the seasonal cycles about how to move through our own cycles of life with greater ease and vitality






Episode 1: A Return To Rhythm

In this episode we kick off with an introduction to The Way Of The Seasons. We take a whistle-stop tour of the key themes of the seasons, how they mirror the emotions and experiences of our own life and also provide us with exactly the resources needed to move forward with ease and vitality.

Episode 2: Becoming Moved

In this episode we explore the power of inspiration as a force for rousing us after a period of rest. From awakening snakes to ushering in Mary Poppins, we dive into the aspects of pleasure and play as a freedom song for breathing in fresh new life and awakening our dreams.

Episode 3: Motivation and Momentum

In this episode we explore our inate compulsion for self expression and look at how the emotions of desire and anger can be harnessed in a balanced way to point us in the direction of necessary change.

These podcast are free to listen to but if you feel like they have been valuable or have moved you in any way, financial contributions are gratefully received as it makes this work so much more sustainable and rewarding . If you’re not in a position to donate any money your words like precious gold so please do get in touch so we can share in our excitement over the seasons.

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