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Feeling stuck and not quite sure how to shift gear?

Take a moment’s pause to explore whether the following seasons resonate with the challenges you are facing right now and allow yourself the gift of movement, meditation or contemplation.

Feeling stuck and not quite sure how to shift gear?

Take a moment’s pause to explore whether the following seasons resonate with the challenges you are facing right now and allow yourself the gift of movement, meditation or contemplation.


Are you feeling energetically or creatively depleted. Or perhaps exhausted by being pulled in multiple directions by other people’s needs and desire. Do you feel like you have lost touch with the deep guidance of your own inner truth? Do you crave some time to rest in stillness and quietness but perhaps feel anxious about what might come up if you are willing to truly listen to your inner most truth?

Perhaps you need to welcome in a little winter for rest and interoception. To root down, restore; to reclaim your connection to your inner guide and find the strength to follow where it points.


Take a moment to visualise yourself as the most complete, confident and fulfilled version of your adult self. The version of you that can rise above anxiety because they find strength in the knowledge that they are loved and enough. How do they feel and how do they behave.
Now visualise yourself as your inner child. The vulnerable part of you that has perhaps not been listed to or loved they way that it ought to. The part of yourself that deep down is desperate to be acknowledged.
Now picture your adult self asking what it is that your inner child needs. What is it that causes it to feel fearful and what would it need to feel safe and strong again. How might your adult self be able to transform your child’s fear into knowing and insight?


Do you feel like you are lacking feelings of pleasure. Are you trapped by the constraints of “should”? Do you feel frustrated by rules and boundaries that you feel limit your potential? Do you struggle to allow yourself the gift of play simply for the pure joy of it. When was the last time you gave yourself time to explore your dreams without the judgement of whether or not they are realistic? Or perhaps you have no boundaries so spend much time exploring, contemplating and playing but without a container that can give direction or foundation to your imagination.

Perhaps you need to welcome in the spirit of spring. A season of well tethered growth and boundless potential; following the path of pleasure who’s clearly defined boundaries make it full of ease rather than effort.


What is the most pleasurable way to express yourself. Perhaps it is to move your body, or sing, to write, paint, build something with your hands or cook a meal for loved ones. Is there something in life that you feel you can get lost in or that leaves you more uplifted that when you started.
How often do you allow yourself the opportunity to express yourself through pleasure.
What might it look like if you were to allow yourself just 1 hour every day to indulge in this pleasure with no necessary output? Can you carve out a defined space or time? What are the likely obstacles that would inhibit this gift to yourself and are there any preparations or boundaries you would need to put in place to avoid being distracted?
Set your scene and prepare the ground then keep up this daily habit for just a week without any expectation.


Do you often worry that you are not enough or that you don’t have enough. Do you find that you spread yourself too thinly in the desire to do it all, to prove yourself to others or avoid letting people down? Or do you set yourself up with great expectations but then find yourself overcome with self doubt and then putting on the breaks at the last minute. Do you struggle with perfectionism and wish you had more carefree abandon? Are you holding yourself back from putting yourself into the world?

Perhaps you need to welcome in the gentle warmth of summer. A season of abundance and satisfaction – where we feel filled with a spirit of generosity and ready to pour our gifts into the world knowing that we have enough and are enough. Knowing that we were born whole and remain whole


Take a moment to consider how you might like to show up in the world if there was no way you could fail. What would you do? What would you make? How would you be? Who would you be? Close your eyes and allow yourself to be carried away by this vision. Or if you prefer words then allow yourself to write freely about what it is like to live out this dream.
Then pause and ask what is stopping you? Are there any voices that keep you small or hold you back? Who is that voice? What do they say do you/or fail to say to you? What fears or insecurities might they have been carrying that would hold them back from bringing their own gifts into the world? What might they have said to you if they felt full in themselves?
Now write down all of the small ways that you have shown up for yourself today. All of the little ways that you have put an ounce of yourself into the world. Without the judgment of whether it was successful by some measure – simply a gesture of offering up the gift of your spirit. Repeat this practice recognition daily for one week as you begin to gain confidence in your uninhibited self expression.


Do you feel a trapped in the past or clinging to old ideas and creations. Perhaps you feel like you are surrounded by things you love or are proud of but that it does not leave any space for something you to enter into your life. Perhaps there is a general feeling that the quality or vibrancy what you are doing has started to drop and your work would benefit from being refined. Do you have a sense that you might need to let go of old dead wood in order to enable the new shoots of growth, but are concerned by the idea of giving up or losing something that you have loved or that holds meaning for you? Perhaps you already have nagging a feeling of loss or grief.

Perhaps you need to welcome in the noble gifts of autumn. A time to refine. To give praise to what you have loved and to grief what you have lost. To honour all that has touched your life so that you can let it go with gratitude so that what is left behind is of higher value.


Begin to write freely a list of what you are greatful for. They don’t have to be much…the air in your lungs, the smell of crips autumnal air, a soft bed. You are simply awakening your heart and your mind to the feeling of gratitude. When that list reaches a natural pause. Take a breath and consider something that you have lost (anything at all – large or small, physical or mental). Then consider something that you gained by losing or letting go of that thing. Complete your gratitude list by thanking whatever it is that that loss brought into your life

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